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Ramblings and nonsense

Enter at your own risk.

Hunter Rose
If you want to talk to me you can reach me through Digsby.

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User Number: 7378240
Date Created:06/09/2005
Number of Posts: 287

hunter_rose76 is a computer geek, cook, billiard player, and huggable teddy bear. He is the one at your party sitting back and watching everyone else get completely trashed while staying stone cold sober. Don't pity him though, he is the one who will tell you what happened in the morning.
Strengths: Geek cred., billiard skills, cooking skills, sense of humor, and trust worthiness.
Weaknesses: Red headed women will drop him to his knees every time.
Special Skills: I look intimidating in a leather trench coat and can make a mean burger.
Weapons: Hockey Stick IBM Model M Keyboard
Motto: Atheism is a non-prophet organization. -George Carlin

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